he had me at ‘art’

so yes, Rhinebeck was great. The people are great. The food is great. The animals are great. The fiber is great. The fairground is great. It is all very very very great. It is fabulous, wonderful and magical and everyone should go.
But what really makes this year’s festival significant is the part where I fell in love with a priest.

A Greek Orthodox Priest. Vicki fell in love with him too and she and I are going to have a bitchin’ smack down to see who gets him.

Here is how it happened ….. it was Saturday night we were all sitting around the lobby of the Courtyard Marriott, la Isla Poughkeepsie. And we were knitting. And chatting. And knitting.

Two priests check in at the front desk. Cara immediately identifies them as Greek Orthodox. She also begins to yammer on about diamond breastplates and the movement of ambitious priests up the chain of holy command, but no one really pays attention to that part. Although I will admit, she did have my full attention when she explained who is celibate and who is not.

Anyway, the elder priest goes straight up to the room, but the younger guy is smiling and watching us for a minute and then he says, “I didn’t think anyone did this art anymore”.

please note that he spoke with an accent and used the word art

He goes onto tell us that the last time he saw anyone knitting it was his grandmother in the mountains of Greece. I would swear he had a little note of melancholy in his voice.

also note he loves his grammy

but by far, the very, very best thing he saved for last ……. as he was leaving he said, “God bless you and your beautiful hands.”

Vicki and I both muffled a little sob and I may have even blacked out for a moment.

27 thoughts on “he had me at ‘art’

  1. Oh my goodness. That would melt me away. It was nice though that he took the time to chat and acknowledge the gift the God blessed you all with.

  2. I knew having a greek priest for a father in law would come in handy someday.

    You two are SO EASY.

    Dude. Don’t kid yourself. He was probably more interested in where you got the wool. CoughSHEEPCough.

  3. oh my god! that is so sweet!!!!!! I wish my hubby would feel that way – he just teases me all the time and calls me “old lady” hehehehhee

    glad you had a great time! :)

  4. Aww, I’m so glad someone was there who even recognized a Greek Orthodox priest or two! (Go, Cara!) I’m G.O. and it would have been fun to witness the swooning event. What a nice thing to say! And I like the “art” statement. Good on him.

  5. We would all love to have seen a photo of your priest. If only in your “compliment induced haze” you had thought to get photo. I imagine you regret not getting a name and number, or at least the parish he works with!

  6. In 2000, I was living in northern Italy and right before I moved away- a girlfriend and I took the train to Rome for a few days of sightseeing.. cultural events and the such.

    My friend was Catholic and really wanted to go to one of the outdoor masses given by the Pope. So, there we were in this ‘mass’ of humanity for the outdoor mass.. (hee hee… play on words– did you get it?.. Sorry, I teach children and it takes a few hours to get back to full adult level of thinking)

    Anyway, prior to the pope’s arrival by the POPEMOBILE (right where we were standing I might add).. there were several priests and cardinals up at the front.. making announcements/etc. They were also introducing them and what country that they were from.

    AND.. the ‘American priest’ was a hunk.. and I leaned over to my friend.. totally forgetting that we were at a CATHOLIC MASS.. and said.. “Oh, my gawd.. he is so handsome.. it’s almost enough to make me want to convert” and.. in the next breath.. I realized that it wouldn’t matter.. since, CATHOLIC PRIESTS didn’t date/marry. :D

    Of course.. since there were so many people around us.. some of the others attending the mass.. did overhear me.. and we had a large group ‘giggling’ at my comments.

    Yes, just doing my part.. to keep the “UGLY AMERICAN TOURIST IMAGE” alive. :D

  7. Had a laugh over Jeannie’s story regarding the good looking Catholic priest…….my mother in law jokingly refers to any really hunky-looking priest as “Father What-a-Waste” !!

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