a gauntlet!

thank you so much for all you gusset input! I cast on again last night and have made great progress — despite the murky translation, this is a really great pattern. Kathleen came to lunch yesterday along with Sue, Granny and Peggy and Sue showed me the way of the gusset. Of course, me being me, I still had to mess around with it, but so far so good. If it actually works out, I will let you know what I did.

The excitement yesterday was D#2 was rear-ended at a stop light.  As a matter of fact she was the fourth of a five car rear ending.  Thankfully no one was hurt.  The Subaru however needs some repairs so Chez Swine is in the midst of a car shuffle.  It is always something.  How about we all channel a little Roseanne Roseannadanna     “If it isn’t one thing it’s another”    ~sigh~

14 thoughts on “a gauntlet!

  1. Looking good baby. Thanks for a good time yesterday. And a few good laughs. You needed ’em before the suck started. So glad E is okay.

  2. Glad to hear she is ok. I tell my daughters all the time that it is not them I am worried about BUT everyone else!! Love the glove. Wish I had the nerve….

  3. Thank goodness she’s OK. That happened to me on the highway last fall and the guy took off. Like an idiot, I chased him; caught him too! That was stupid of me.

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