We were visiting college friends in PA this weekend. [yes, the Boar and I are college sweethearts. awwwww!] Anyway, these friends have a vacation home at Seven Springs which is about an hour outside of Pittsburgh. This means long car rides. Which for a knitter can be a wonderful thing. I went there with every intention of knitting a pair of these and also one of these.

The cabled fingerless mitts have been ripped —- I am having trouble getting gauge – she doesn’t say what gauge is and believe me, when a pattern is free, I am not complaining. Things were looking great, but when I got to the thumb gusset increases I began to think that my row gauge was way off. Speaking of the thumb increases, if you get a minute, read the directions for that part. I believe that she means to increase two stitches every third row for a grand total of eight stitches increased. Of course, the stitch count doesn’t quite work out if I interpret them that way, but if I increase eight stitches three times it is way off too. argh!

So when my brain got sick of trying to figure this one out, I turned to the other project I brought along. A simple cowl neck thingamagig. There are actually two patterns and I did one that it not pictured. Nothing easier than alternating rounds of stockinette stitch and garter. And it’s true — it was the perfect car ride project. Ideal knitting for hanging out with friends and drinking beer. When I got home last night I had a stroke of genius and decided to put it on a lifeline before doing the bind off. I thought I would be checking for length. Well, I looked like a goofball in it and so after a brief moment I ripped that back as well.

so there you have it — a solid 16 hours of knitting and nothing to show for it!

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  1. Hey Ann. This has nothing to do with your post but I have a video that I want to send you. I found it amongst my rhinenbeck pictures. When you were taking pics of me on the hitchhiker you must’ve hit the video button by mistake. It recorded you makign a funny so write me so I can sen dit to you.

  2. There’s supposed to be a total of 16 increases, plus two from the original stitches, plus picking up four gives 22 thumb stitches. I can’t quite figure out how she wants you to increase 16 stitches, though. Perhaps she means to increase eight stitches over three rounds?

  3. As I remember it was 2 sts increased 8 times, every 3rd round = 16 sts increased, I don’t have them here to look at, my memory ain’t what it used to be, try em again, I used a DK wool, a sport would work too.
    Any questions call.

  4. Hey, you had 16 hours of knitting time to enjoy. If you prefered to spend your time watching TV or reading a less-than-literary novel you wouldn’t have anything ‘to show’ for it either.

    Plus you learned that elsewhere than in waders in a cranberry bog, a dicky is still a dicky.

  5. Those are the days that I wander around the house muttering “process, process, process – it’s all knitting – *&$$%%&* – process, process, process.”

  6. What fortitude!

    I’d have waited 6 months to a year and THEN ripped it back.

    You could have been knitting piles of dishcloths. OH JUST KIDDING!

    xo Kay

  7. try Mims Serpentine Mitts, a free download, spells out the gusset, in a clear manor, I’m going to knit them for Gracie, if you run into trouble (doubtful) we’ll get together.

  8. My husband went to St Vincents in Latrobe Pa.We stayed at & Springs once while at a reunion.But- We drank very much wine so my memory is a bit blurred. That is frustrating to have done all that knitting and no finished work.

  9. Damn that sucks. That happened to me last week when I came for my visit. All the knitting on the LIRR had to be frogged because I forgot the first increase row!

  10. oh man, that sucks – at least it wasn’t a whole sweater though :) I knit an entire sweater before I realized that the sleeves were too big around and really the whole sweater was too big – the sleeves were the worst though, but I couldn’t really tell until it was all together. Hence my foray into negative ease for next time around… ;) at least Christmas is coming up so I can give it away and it won’t be a COMPLETE waste this time. :) good luck finding the next project!

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