it’s not Monday

These three day weekends really kill me. Of course, I love the three day weekend as much as everyone else – but somehow I spend all of the Monday thinking it’s Sunday and you know what that means for Tuesday.

I have been doing lots of knitting but don’t have any pictures to show for it. :( Most of the new projects are gifts and so I can’t post them anyway, but will try to get them up on Ravelry tomorrow. sigh. Being a knitter of mystery is tiring. and boring!

I tried to get a canine portrait this morning, just to have something to post, but they were entirely uncooperative. ooooo this just in ….. I had an epiphany to give you everything … including the kitchen sink.

I resisted the urge to tidy it up (especially when I saw that it wasn’t all that bad) Please notice the dishrag, the piggy drain stopper and also the Peanuts jelly jar. I love Linus!

8 thoughts on “it’s not Monday

  1. Hey, I like your sink!

    (I miss the feeling of a three-day weekend from when I was working. Tuesdays were awful, but oh the relaxation! Now, with a toddler, every day is pretty much like every other. :)

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