So many of my blogging friends have taken up a daily posting challenge for the month of November. They will be posting every single day. I am astounded. How will they come up with stuff to say? pictures to take? I admire their stamina. I don’t think I could do it. I don’t think I would want to. I am sure you all wouldn’t want me to!

It is with this spirit – “if you can’t join ’em, be contrary!” – that I present to the world (aka all 10 of you) my new motto ……

Blogging Without Obligation

new motto and manifesto courtesy of Down the Rabbit Hole

Follow that link for a full explanation. It basically says what has been going on here at Chez Swine for some time now.

I will blog when I want to. I will post no entry before its time. Really, I don’t have that interesting a life so you’ll get what you’ll get. Or as many a parent has stated, “When I’m good and ready”. uh oh, I feel a “Do I need to pull this car over and give you something to cry about?!” coming on.

The difference will be that I won’t feel bad about it. That’s going to be the new part.

I have been busy with knitting and spinning …… here is a bobbin full of some corriedale bought at Rhinebeck. Yes, this year’s festival! I am leaning toward leaving this in the loosely spun single stage.

I have other pictures to share, but I can’t quite manage a dual picture posting via Flickr……. stay tuned ……… well, there has got to be an easier way than making another post, then copying the picture code and inserting it into the previous post. Anyway, I also managed to do some Navajo plying on the Blue Faced Leicester that I was working on at Spin Out.

can you see the frost on my railing?

15 thoughts on “

  1. That yarn sure is pretty.

    I figure I’m doing everyone a favor also by not joining in this posting everyday thing. I mean if we all did it how could any of us get anything but blog reading done! Hell we might crash bloglines.

  2. I love it! the next time I feel like blogging, I’ll add a button. I’m trying to knit a sweater in a month…making myself blog about it will not be conducive to making that happen!

  3. What a beautiful yarn. Is that “Proud Mary’s work” or someone else? Did you name that treasure you “stole” at the Pickle Festival?

  4. hahahahaha I love it! can I steal the button too!? hehehehe
    I have the week off next week, so I think I’ll finally be able to catch up on blogging a little :)

    Love the yarn!!! VERY nice job!!

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