my so called scarf

My So Called Scarf.

this project is representative of my mood these days. I am feeling rather blah – can’t decide if I like it, if I should rip it, what I should knit next, what yarn I should use for the thing I can’t decide to knit next ….. blah, blah!

so what do you think? When this pattern first hit the blog scene, I fell in love with it. So cool! And I still love it – I just don’t know how much I love it in this yarn. I am beginning to think that this yarn is in fact my problem. It is lovely – Lorna’s Laces, and so so soft. But it is completely not my colors. I bought it on a trip to Greenport, which is a little village on the north fork of Long Island and it was something of a souvenir and as such the colors remind me of that day – all blue sky and sandy beach. But they are definitely not the colors that I tend to knit with.

So this is where you come in —– tell me what to do! do I continue on because it is in fact beautiful and I will come to appreciate that fact. Do I rip it now? any project ideas for this yarn (Lorna’s worsted – I have two skeins which totals 450 yds)

22 thoughts on “my so called scarf

  1. I’m kinda sentimental about souvenir yarn – and those colors do scream beach. But if the knitting isn’t good for you, I would rip it but keep the yarn. I am always suprised about those “aha”s I have about the right pattern for a troublesome yarn in my stash. And I have noticed that Ravelry is increasing the frequency of my inspirational moments (and decreasing the rate of my clean laundry production!)

  2. I actually like the way it looks so far, but if it’s not making you happy, it will just end up being abandoned. If you can’t think of someone who will absolutely love it and you HAVE to knit it for them, then rip it and keep the yarn as a souvenir until something occurs to you that will be perfect and make you happy :)

    good luck!!! :)

  3. It’s pretty but if you’re not loving it then I’d stop and find another pattern for the yarn. Maybe that Irish Hiking Scarf that’s reversible? I can’t think of the name of it right now.

  4. I would keep knitting it, until you have decided what you want to knit next. It is a beautiful scarf and would make the right person very happy. This time of year, it does not hurt to have an ‘extra’ completed item hanging about. If, however, you know what you want to do next, and don’t want to have it hanging over you…beaches and frog ponds can get along.

  5. Okay, contrarian here. I love the scarf, both the way the colors are striping and crossing diagonally (reminds me of Mason-Dixon bibs; SnC does that on its good days) and the colors? Mmmmm. Perhaps you need a gift for someone? This would be a good one.

  6. I think you should make something you’re excited about. Frog this scarf and put the yarn away for a gift for someone important to you, and go through your stash until you hit gold!

  7. I like it. Finish it and give it to me. I like that scarf too but don’t want to actually knit it. You see me often enough to have your little reminder. It’s all good!

    Knit on.

  8. Just done the same scarf with Colinette Banyan-didn’t like it so frogged it and started gain in blackberry stitch.Will do this pattern but with a different and more suitable yarn.Good luck.

  9. I like the diagonal plaid effect, too, and I would wear the colors. If you know you wouldn’t wear it, how do you feel about having souvenier yarn knit into something that never gets worn? Maybe you could designate it your scarf for when you go to the beach in the winter.

    On the other hand, if you really like the pattern and you’re one of those people who never knit a pattern twice, then you’d be tying up both a yarn and a pattern in something you wouldn’t wear.

    Was that any help at all?

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