A little of this and 8 of that …..

Thank you for all the input about my scarf project. I ended up ripping it out and the yarn is back in the drawer awaiting inspiration. I did order some yarn to make a vest for Boar and cannot wait to start that project – details to follow.

There has been some excitement here at Chez Swine – and not the good kind. The short story is that D#2 was not feeling well on Monday and ended up fainting. She has fainted before (giving blood and participating in a sweltering marching band parade). After lots of debate (with her loving Mother casting the ‘no’ vote) we ended up in the ER. It was packed and we were there for 6 1/2 hours.  Blood tests, urine tests and EKG later, it was concluded that D#2 has a virus and needs to rest and get lots of fliuds.

I know, I know better safe than sorry, but I would like to point out that I was right. that’s Dr. Purlingswine to you! Anyway, D#2 has been home for the past three days, resting and getting lots of TLC – she insisted on going back to school today since she is stressing over her workload. I would have liked one more day just to make sure she is truly better, but how much good would it do if she was just home worrying?

The ladies are coming over today for lunch and knitting.  I am on a health kick lately and am whipping up some  Chickpea Stew with Sweet Onions.  It is a new recipe, I will let you know if it’s a keeper.

April tagged me for this one …..

  1. I count the buttons on my remote controls. And I will occasionally do a recount to make sure nothing has changed.
  2. I have started a new diet that requires me to take a hot bath every night. I have high hopes for this plan since I happen to be a fantastic bather. I excel at lounging in the tub.
  3. I cannot roll my R’s.
  4. I can roll my tongue.
  5. More than rolling my eyes, my facial expression of choice is the eyebrow arch. I’m doing it right now.
  6. I put salt on my watermelon.
  7. I like to make soup.
  8. I need new carpet in my den.

16 thoughts on “A little of this and 8 of that …..

  1. I love doing the eyebrow arch! All I have to do is think of something dirty, or Viggo Mortensen (but I repeat myself!), and up goes my left eyebrow. My right one always abstains.

  2. Are you doing Dr. Hyman? (I don’t mean doing him, of course. That doesn’t even look like it would be fun.)

    Oh yay! Isn’t the Ultra Bath great? I keep running out of Epsom salts.

    Are you addicted to almond butter yet?

    Ultra Yours,

  3. Ooo, And I’m #8. I’ll have to check that out as my knitting content is almost 0 right now. Happy to hear your “little one” is feeling better Dr. Purlingswine. You know, that has a nice ring to it?!

  4. interesting. your brother can also roll his tongue and raise one eyebrow – but only the right one.
    you’ll have to let me know about the hot bath thing…
    if it works, i’ll try it

  5. Glad to see your Daughter is better. Believe me I would rather be her with her virus,,, than as I am now, just home from the hospital after finding out I had a minor heart attack. The diet thing, hmmm no choice on that now, I might as well not eat, it would be easier. The tub thing? I cant wait,, have to give it a few more days till I can even think of using a tub!

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