you may begin.

Take note people! This is my horoscope for today …..


Living on the fast track can be exciting and rewarding, but right about now it is time you slowed down your forward momentum. You can wait a few days to return those phone calls or emails — why look so eager? Let the other people involved show their willingness to put forth some effort. You should be courted and pursued right now, not the other way around. You need to be reminded that you are a prize that is worth winning — and working for.

I await all the courting & pursuing.

ps.  it’s true, living on the fast track is exciting and rewarding!

14 thoughts on “you may begin.

  1. I want people to court and pursue me. You always have people courting and pursing you. Hell you even get Greek priests coming after you and your “beautiful hands”


  2. In fairness I should say that the Greek priest was talking to the entire room of women. But in my heart he was speaking only to me.

    and maybe Vicki.

  3. Ann! I just saw the D2 was not well! When I commented last week, I skimmed to the bottom of the post and totally missed that important bit of info! 6 hr. in the ER is brutal!
    I hope she is 100% better now. Did anyone else catch the virus? Poor L. So sorry I didn’t say so sorry back then!
    I am ‘pursuing’ your forgiveness. xox

  4. Hmmm. Pursuing: I’m here so… I’m pursuing via bloglines. /check. Courting: I do so enjoy your posts, please continue your discourse at your discretion. /check….well, sort of. :-)

  5. heheheheh I love it! I’m an Aquarius too, so how does that work? if I’m supposed to pursue and court you, are you suppposed to do the same for me? hahahahaha

    Have a wonderful day and hope your daughter is feeling better! :)

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