I know I’m all for

Blogging Without Obligation

but it has been too long!!

Quickly – D#2 seems to be much improved. She is still not 100%, maybe more like 88%. The Dr. thinks it is a viral thing – lots of weird things going around here lately. Thank you for all your comments and concern! She is pretty much back to her regular schedule, just taking it easy when she feels she needs to (and sometimes when I feel she needs to).

A few of you asked what diet I was on that required a daily soak in a hot tub. Kay inspired me to give the Ultra Simple Diet a try. I also have the Ultra Metabolism book, but haven’t gotten to that yet. I just finished the first week and have to say that this program is working very well for me so far. And it does require a relaxing bath at the end of the day!! I have lost 6 pounds in the first week and an inch off my waist. The much better thing is that I feel great. In the past when I have lost weight, I don’t know if I could say that – at least not at the outset. I really feel terrific (didn’t realize that I wasn’t feeling terrific).

enough about that – I don’t want to jinx it!

how about some knitting chat? This yarn just arrived on my porch! I originally ordered it in gray but it was sadly out of stock. So I replaced it with the evergreen color. I am planning on knitting Boar the Wall Street Vest from the book Arans & Celtics: The Best of Knitter’s Magazine. Here is a Ravelry picture of the project. I have borrowed this book from my library, but am inclined to purchase a copy for my shelf. I am hoping to start a gauge swatch today and will finally have some knitting I can put on my blog since Boar never reads it.

[BWO courtesy of Down the Rabbit Hole]

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  1. I’m so happy for you that the diet is working for you – and especially that you feel great! yay!!!! sadly, I have been COMPLETELY lax in that department for a while, and now I have a good reason not to diet ;). I don’t want to gain too much weight, so I’m proud of only gaining 3 lbs. for the 1st trimester, especially since I’ve been feeling sick pretty much 24/7! It would be better if I gained nothing, but oh well! Carbs have made my tummy feel better, and let me tell you, nausea all day is really miserable. Of course, you’ve had kids, you probably know that! ;)

    Good luck on the diet & have a fun time knitting for Boar!!!

  2. Glad she’s feeling better. And you too! Do think this diet thing would work for someone who just wants to feel better, but doesn’t need to loose weight? The baths sound good to me! Can’t wait to see Mr. Boar’s sweater, I love greens in progress.

  3. Yay Dr. Hyman! Yay almond butter! Yay olive oil!

    I’m buying stock in an epsom salt mine, though. That bath is equal parts epsom salts, baking soda, and water. xo Kay

  4. I would like to hear more about your diet. I read the reviews and some people complained about having to buy things that were hard to find? I need a change because I am in a slump and have no energy except to knit, of course.. ww is not working!

  5. Sending UltraEncouragement your way. I believe the key to lasting high energy and continued paring-down (though it won’t be as dramatic as at first) is to do the UltraSimple plan for three solid weeks. You know how they say it takes that long for good habits to take hold? I think you’ll also find eating that way also makes something good happen to your metabolism. Avanti!

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