Mr. Boar is home today and he came with me on my Costco shopping trip. This is really nice because it’s always nice to have company, plus he can help with the heavy stuff.

We are walking around the store on our Costco date and Mr. Boar is like a fifth grade boy – he keeps poking me, grabbing my arm, pinching me. I think he thinks it’s romantic. and it would be …. if I still kept a little diary with a unicorn and a lock on it where I could write down all my Robbie Benson fantasies.

Can you picture it? me trying to do some last minute Christmas shopping with the whole pushing of the cart and the crowded Costco and Boar full of piss and vinegar. Finally after one back of arm/triceps pinchy-poo too many I say, “For the love of God would you knock it off?!”.

and he says, “I just love that skin flap”.

Take a moment won’t you and re-read that last sentence. My underarm – Mr. Boar referred to my skin flap. Yup, skin flap. That is exactly what he said.

ps. Cara has already told me to look on the bright side – he could hate that skin flap.

pps. and I got plenty more skin flaps where that came from.

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  1. Dan gets nudgy like that too… he is always grabbing my ass when I bend over (thoughtful and well, i’m glad he’s still interested) and I am always smacking my head in the dryer, under the cabinet, on the bookshelf…etc.

    I guess it could be worse, he could not grab me at all!

  2. It must be a Costco thing! All that cheap stuff and bargains galore, or giant wheels of cheese, or “Santa in a sno-globe” lawn ornament, but Jon acts like a complete goon in Costco!

  3. Robbie Benson–YOU TOO?

    Remember that movie where he was a sensitive young cello player who handicapped horses at the racetrack?

    He was a god.

    Boar totally likes you. Let’s pass notes in biology!

    xo Kay

  4. Hehehe,,, that skin flap,,,, (sorry)! Recently, my sister remarked about hers: “I remember when I was young I really admired grandma’s skin flap and wanted to have one too, now that I have it I would have been much happier without it! :)

  5. A former coworker always referred to those skin flaps as “first-grade arms” because apparently her first grade teacher had flaps of epic proportion. So of course I now think of them as first grade arms. ;-)

  6. As my husband says, “there’s just more of you to love, my dear” which is code for “emaciated starlets look like they are sharp and might hurt me…” Hell, if you can keep his interest in Costco, damn, you got it going on woman! Blue skies!

  7. Oh Robbie Benson, with that shy smile and the hair sweeping across his forehead. Now though? Gives me the creeps thinking about him. What did we see in him? And where is he now, I wonder?

  8. Wait, I just went back and a different song popped in. The first I heard was a country “I’m gonna blame the world for my problems!” and was so funny. Keep refreshing until you get it.

    Apparently he is a teacher at NYU. I guess I should say professor.

  9. “if I still kept a little diary with a unicorn and a lock on it where I could write down all my Robbie Benson fantasies.”
    hahaha! Don’t you still have one Annie?
    I agree with Cara! ( Is she into ‘the secret’?)

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