well, well what do we have here?

My previous entry has revealed a number of things.

  • First off, many of you have “skin flaps”, “bat wings” and “bingo wings”. And I thank you for sharing that with me – now in the hour of my discontent (and believe me, it is the hour of my discontent – I somehow managed to delete this entire post!) I need your commiserations more than ever. I would like you to know that I read all of your comments to the Boar and while I would like to report he has seen the light, the only thing I am sure of is in the future he will use the term bingo wing. At least that one gets me laughing.
  • Secondly, Costco seems to bring out the animal in our men. What is up with that?? My informal polling has shown a link between increased libido and warehouse shopping. So ladies, if your sex life could use a boost, why not consider buying five pounds of butter, 50 pounds of dog food, or perhaps 3 pounds of cheese?
  • Lastly, but truly the most important thing of all, Robby Benson!!!!! the mention of Mr. Benson seemed to strike a chord. There were however an alarming number of you who did not fall prey to his charms. I think a bit of Jeremy therapy is in order. [thanks for reminding me of that one, Kay!] Or maybe this NPR interview will pique your interest? [I especially love the cow bit] I am going to start The Middle Aged Ladies’ Guide to All Things Robby Benson …. it will be a mature fan club of sorts ….. or how about we call it IcyHot® Ice Castles? All of this Robby Benson chat had me Googling and what I found only makes me love him more. The following was made by his NYU film students. Not only does he still have those dreamy eyes and that tousled hair, he has a great sense of humor. fall in love all over again ladies!

IcyHot® Ice Castles applications are now being accepted.

16 thoughts on “well, well what do we have here?

  1. Loved it! Robby Benson is frequently the guest narrator for Disney’s Candlelight Processional Christmas program at Epcot. My students and I get to perform with him. *sigh* such a hunk and such a sexy voice!

  2. OMG!!!
    I LOVE HIM!!!
    I remember how dreamy he was in those movies from the 80s and omg. he’s still dreamy! it’s the eyes…and tousled hair…
    you’re right! :o) funny funny clip! thanks! ek.

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