a little behind?

I was hoping that pictures I had ordered would arrive today and that these could go out. That way at least they would arrive before New Year’s. There is still a chance that they could, but …….

so, how late is too late?

11 thoughts on “a little behind?

  1. Please. Russian/Orthodox Christmas isn’t until Jan. 7 and Three Kings’ Day is Jan. 6. There are plenty of days left! (At least that’s my theory this year!)

  2. Ahh, but at least yours will not have the extra postage to make last year’s stamps legal for this year. Yup . . . that would be me. I have a stamp that says “Officially late,” which I bought being ironic and cute but find myself using every year now – you are more than welcome to borrow it. I’m feeling Arbor Day as a celebration that really needs its own special card sending tradition.

  3. P.S. I think you caught D2 in the act of photography in your ;ast post of Christmas Day photos. I saw Poe behind her hoping for an accessory photo.

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