Christmas Knitting

At long last I can unveil a bit of Christmas knitting. These are the Squirrel and Oak mittens from Hello Yarn.

It was my first true attempt at this type of knitting. In the past I would simply pick up each color as needed. This time however, Sue gave me a lesson in holding a strand in each hand.

I ended up knitting three of these. I was not completely satisfied with the first mitten that came off my needles – the yarn was not holding up well and I also felt that my stitches were a bit wonky.

I gifted them to my SiL who is thrilled with them!

11 thoughts on “Christmas Knitting

  1. sil LOVES the mitts and the red is a deep,rich, color which is perfect for the holidays. and sil loves squirrels too so they are a wonderful, special gift. sil is afraid to wear them however because she has a tendency to lose mittens ( remember the ‘other’ red mittens).

  2. Of course SIL is thrilled with them. I would be thrilled with them. Anyone with an eye in her head would be thrilled. They represent one of the pinnacles of sticks and yarn usage.

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