a linkfest

I have a head cold. I am feeling unwell and as soon as this entry is finished I will be making some chicken soup. for my soul.

Last night’s knitting revealed three mis-crossed cables on the front on Boar’s vest. Argh! And they are way back at the beginning. double argh!! Before my nasal passages seized up I anticipated a lovely blog post where the magic of fixing this would be revealed, almost like a Cirque du Soleil of fiber. Instead I will simply direct your attention to Cara’s tutorial and say that this is what I am going to do. Just imagine green yarn and three cables. I don’t know if I will do this today – only if my eyes uncross.

Speaking of Lil Camper …. let me take a moment to torture her a bit. Have you been over to The Shower blog lately? lots of great and wonderful things are happening over there. Go check it out and come back here to leave mysterious comments designed to drive her crazy. It will take her mind off her nausea and she will be grateful for the distractions. Really, it will be good for her.

Despite Christmas just being a week behind us, I am not so big a person to have any shame in saying that I want one of these. listen to the demo – you will love it. I only want The Sir version. And while I’m on the subject of my avarice, I would also like some of these. I bet if I had those I would never mis-cross a cable again.

I have a birthday at the end of this month. Mr. Boar has been informed of all of the above. I will also send him links to this post and further reminder notices.

Subtlety is wasted on Mr. Boar.

13 thoughts on “a linkfest

  1. So sorry you’re sick, wait until you feel better to fix the cables. I know if it were me, I would truly screw it up beyond repair by trying to fix when I wasn’t feeling up to it.

    The shower sounds like fun, I wish I could go! Please let me know where I can send something.

  2. What’s that I’ve said about the curse of the internet…

    I’m sorry you’re sick, Ann!! I’m sorry about your miscrossed cables, too! ACK!!!

    Sheesh, birthday’s 10 months away, Christmas is just over… must I wait all the way ’til Mother’s Day before my next gift-receiving opportunity? Maybe Valentine’s Day… I think I must have one of those cable needles! Have I deserved any rewards lately?
    ; )

  3. I feel shitty too. And about the time I miscrossed St. Brigid I bought the sterling silver cable needle necklace. Just go for it. Retail therapy is very healing. Just ask the gray Uggs I won’t wear.

  4. That clock is wonderful! I sent the link to my husband with a gentle reminder that my birthday is right around the corner. August counts as “right around the corner” doesn’t it?

  5. Oh My Gawd. Definitely wait until you feel better to try that. But I have a cable project on this year’s agenda so I bookmarked. Tha ribbed cast on looks cool, too.

    Have we settled on the color scheme? Baby yellow and apple green? Bright red and deep purple? Given Mom’s recent history, how many burp cloths are we making this kid?

  6. Sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly. Lots of people seem to be sick lately.

    I’d love to go to the shower site but it’s asking for a userid and password. Can those be provided? Please??

  7. sorry to hear that you’re sick. Hope it’s better very soon.

    And yes – we definitely enjoy torturing Cara with curiosity :-)
    and those photos I posted.. well, it’s almost complete – it’s very fun to be able to post on a blog and know that she can’t even peek yet! hah!

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