I blame the phlegm.

Why oh why don’t I listen??  Will I never learn??  Where did you guys go wrong with me?

Despite every single one of you saying to hold off on fiber surgery until I felt better, I went ahead and did it.

The first two mis-crosses went beautifully.  And I was feeling very cocky all “look how good I am, oh my god am I good or what? I can hardly wait to blog this.”

I suppose I deserve everything that happened next, but to tell you the truth, I really don’t know what happened.  All hell broke loose.  Even reflecting on it now, I can’t figure out what went wrong – I thought I did everything the same way I did the first two, but clearly I did not.

I kept fiddling with it trying to make it work.  I mean I was so close.  So close.  But the fiddling was beginning to make it worse.  And after hours and hours, I decided to rip and reknit.

A more accurate statement might be ….. after hours and hours of trying things this way and that and subsequent impotent rage and frustration, Ann decided to not take a scissors to the whole f-ing mess and simply rip it out.

7 thoughts on “I blame the phlegm.

  1. I am so sorry, but happy that you didn’t go the scissors route. That would only have felt good for about ten seconds.

    As you reknit, remember the immortal words of EZ on frogging: Oh, goody, a chance to do more of our favorite hobby.

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