at last, blocking!

I will have to keep this in mind the next time I chose a project calling for DK weight. I suppose it wouldn’t feel so slow if I had realized going into this that it would take a few weeks. Without sleeves, I honestly thought I had a shot at finishing this for Christmas or maybe right around New Year’s. Here it is three weeks later and I still have the neck and arm bands to do!

It’s like the car trip that you know is going to take five hours. If you know it before you begin, you can mentally brace yourself for it. If however you think it will be three hours and it takes five, well that’s where the road rage sets in. I guess I was verging on vest rage.

Which of course is yet another convoluted way that Ann re-learns the importance of gauge. This could be some kind of beginner/childrens’ book series. See Ann Knit. Knit Ann Knit! Oh No Ann! It’s Our Friend Mathematics!

It took me years to accept the connection between my lack of swatching and sweaters that didn’t fit. And we can all agree that I have a lingering level of denial where that’s concerned. How many do you suppose before I understand that things with a tighter gauge take longer to knit?

btw:  I HATE this yarn.  Rowan RYC Cashsoft DK.  Do Not Buy It.

I will take some closeups and show you why – stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “at last, blocking!

  1. See Ann knit. Ann makes really nice sweaters even if the don’t fit. Are you suffering from gauge defiance? Try new Knititall! now you can knit it all and worry about gauge later. O gawd Ann, I’m sorry for that.

  2. You are clever and virtuous too, finishing that small-gauge project with asinine yarn! Can’t wait to see why you hate the yarn. By the way, I absolutely love your Ravelry page – it’s more like an artist’s portfolio than a project “notebook.” Maybe we should suggest they call it a portfolio. All of your FOs together are really quite an impressive collection! You inspired me to add more projects to my own page just so I could see how they all looked together.

  3. I had a similar experience in which I knit an adult sweater with Baby Ull. On top of that I had to keep ripping out as I had pattern problems so the whole thing took a year to knit. Aggghhh.

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