Progress has been made on Boar’s Wall Street vest! I have passed the v-shaped neck edge and am nearing the shoulder shaping. I was beginning to think that this project would never be finished. Without the bother of sleeves, I expected the knitting to fly off the needles. I did not take into account that a DK weight of the yarn combined with cabling makes for much slower progress. I expect to have some blocking shots up this week.

In the meantime here is a look at my newest pleasures. I was in the grocery store last night and discovered that the gumball machines by the exit were loaded with far more than candy! check out my cool monsters! and monkey!

I am going back with more quarters.

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  1. Wow! You really do feel better! Monster collecting and all-great to see it :) Save your quarters, if you want, I have tons of that stuff from my kid’s rooms. Kate actually decided to clean out this weekend!

  2. My Kate loves those monkeys and all things monkey. She’s learned to hit her brother up for quarters!
    Unfortunately I now have makings for 4 sock monkeys. For the next time I have nothing to do….

  3. Warning! Warning! Little guys outta machines can be addicting. I daren’t admit how many Homies I have; suffice it to say that if they ever become valuable on e-bay I can open a swiss bank account………..

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