I thought I would share with you a small funny – do you remember this policeman pig mug from my Pig a Day series? Well, he sits next to my knitting chair and holds all kinds of crafty things, Chibis, stitch markers, crochet hooks, scissors etc.

Do you see what D#2 did to him? She took a stitch marker and gave him a nose ring! Now he looks like one of the Village People! She’s a wiseguy that one. I must admit, I find it very funny and also somehow oddly fitting – he seems happier, more at peace with himself.

and how about a big WOW for all of those birthday wishes!!!! you guys are the best! I had a great day – Boar has informed me that the shipment on my present was delayed, so I will have to regale you with prezzies pictures at a later date.

I have been explaining to everyone my theory on becoming 45. When you turn 40, you know that you have hit a number. That somehow a shift has occurred. However, you are so newly arrived in this position, this age, that is almost seems like pretending.

For example, a kindergartener or first grader is technically in the school system, but they are so young, so cute that it hardly seems serious. Sure they have homework and they are learning – but it’s all so darling that it just makes you smile.

That is what 40 is like to the business of being middle-aged. You are so brand new to it all, it hardly seems real. People will say, “40?! that’s nothing!”

Forty five is a different story all together. Now people sigh, nod their heads knowingly and say, “45?! you might as well be 50.” It’s all about the rounding up.

14 thoughts on “45<50

  1. Hope you had a great time last night. Sorry I missed the gala but HS orientation…ya know? Happy Birthday babycakes! Wait till you see your pressie on Monday! Happy! :)

  2. Oh, now I’m all confused about how I should feel about 49… is it the new 29? Or am I standing at the top of the long, downhill slide?

    Can’t wait to see prezzies! And I love, love, LOVE the nose-ring. And now I have YMCA stuck in my head, too!

  3. Oh NO! 45 is 45 no more, maybe less!!! and I agree with Carol, as long as the ring nose makes both you and Mr. Police Piggie happy, both of you are young in my book!

  4. OK, I’m going out on a limb here, risking my membership in the Contented Crones’ Club, but I’m going to let you in on a Big Secret: you have just achieved a Superior Milestone, because once you’re 45 you begin to enter the foothills of the Golden Times. You may discover your life improving, a bit, each month. When you pass 50, the improvements become more evident and more frequent….when you get to 60, the REAL celebration begins! You can say what you want, do what you want, and in some places start getting cheap eats and free coffee. After 60, you realize that every SINGLE DAY is more fun and merrier than the one before. After 62 you can get cheap movie tickets and cheap eats in MORE places. (IN fact – at 60 you can get – FREE – a LIfetime Pass to every single national park in the country! – and in some parks, it’s good for the whole CAR so all the folks too young to be so privileged get in free too!) So…believe you me, it’s not “over the hill” – the “trip down the other side” &c &c. We who are Advanced in Age don’t usually let on what fun it is, figuring you should all learn it on your own. But hey – you’re a fellow Knitter and all. (I’m very soon coming to the Best Birthday of All – 65! – where I can even get some of my Social Security back and qualify for ALL the “senior discount” stuff. I can hardly WAIT!) {grinnin’, big-time}

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