second verse same as the first!

I knit up another Cabled Newsboy Cap from Stitch n Bitch Nation.  I made one for D#1 a few weeks ago and since it only takes a skein and a half of the Blue Sky Hand Dyed Worsted, I bought another skein and knit up one for D#2.  Waste not want not, I am a model of knitterly efficiency!

Here’s a little secret about the Daughters …. in person I think they look alike in the way the sisters often do.  But in photographs I can hardly tell them apart!

9 thoughts on “second verse same as the first!

  1. Niiiice! It looks store bought! (I mean that in a “looks too perfect” to be handmade way) One of my friends knit one too and I got to see it person last night. These are nice hats. Adorable model too :)

  2. i can see what you mean about telling the girls apart but for some reason i can. d2 is just ever so lighter in coloring.and the difference in look is subtle. now telling them apart on the phone…another matter
    cute pics. nice one with NIK too

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