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I have a standing Tuesday night date with two good friends. One of these ladies suffers from Reynauds. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I don’t know that I would believe it – her fingers turn blue! And not just a slight, bluish cast, but blue. It really is an alarming sight. She is very proactive and stays on top of the symptoms, always bundling up and keeping those little packet hand warmers in her pocket. Dr. PurlingSwine however, is prescribing a pair of mittens. My knitter’s heart believes that hand knit mittens will do a much better job at keeping her blues at bay than those store bought ones. I was hoping against hope to have these finished for tomorrow night, but I don’t think that will happen ….. seeing that I only cast on last night, it was a foolish dream.

Up next on the list of things to show you is my Jeanie. This is a brilliant pattern! It is blowing my mind with the reversibility and dropped stitches – all the magic tricks in one lovely shawl! The Dream in Color is fantastic too – this project is turning out to be knitting nirvana!

9 thoughts on “latest knitting

  1. You are such a good friend! I’m sure the mittens will be appreciated and loved. Jeanie is beautiful! I bought yarn for that, but I’m intimidated by the chart. I suck at knitting lace (well, at least my first attempts at it have been rather lame).

  2. One of the women that I went through teacher’s certification suffered from Reynauds. She constantly was bundled and always had the handwarmers in her purse as well as extra socks. Very shocking to see.

  3. I also suffer from Reynauds, as do my sister and daughter , my mom did as well.
    My most telling Reynauds story wasin the summer in Atlanta it was in the 90s. I went to the grocery store and walked past one of those open freezers and it triggered the Reynaud’s. My husband was amazed to see my fingers turn blue. It took a long time to get the circulation back too.
    Tell your friend to talk to her doctor about taking a calcium channel blocker. I take nifedipine in the winter and it really helps. it prevents the blood vessels from constricting.

  4. OMG! I just made myself a pair of fingerless mitts out of what looks like the exact same yarn! Great minds, I’m pretty sure. Let me guess…Shibuiknits – pebble? Loved it and it keeps my hands just toasty – not to hot (as in sweaty), but definitely protected. She will be well taken care of!

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