good things in my kitchen

This cute pig bowl was given to me by my good friends Ricki & Peggy. I am getting a little thrill linking to them – they have been blogless for so long, at least now there is Ravelry! Anyway, the bowl was a birthday gift and I love it! He looks very handsome on the kitchen table. If any of you are pig collectors, or just want to see some very cool things, they ordered it from Napa Style.

50 Heirloom Buttons to Make was brought to our last guild meeting by Martha, she of the prodigious talent. ~ ooo!! another Ravelry tingle!~ She actually saved my butt by bringing it, it really helped when I gave the program on Dorset Buttons and in browsing through it, I saw that my simple little buttons were just the tip of a button iceberg. I don’t know if I will ever actually make any of these buttons, they are so intricate, but I love looking through this book and seeing what is possible.

and here is a picture of Banana-Buttermilk Cake. I whipped this little piece of heaven up last night – yum! Thanks to Norma I now have another recipe in the arsenal!

6 thoughts on “good things in my kitchen

  1. LOL watch out Maribel’s birthday is this weekend. She may not be joking about showing up on your doorstep. All cakes made for 5 days before or after a birthday are for the birthday girl. It’s the law…really;)

  2. nice pig….it looks ridiculously similar to the *&^%$#@! one i bought you for christmas 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks like i now have a pig bowl. ARGH

  3. Oh, the pig bowl is PRECIOUS. That cake is going to be the death of me, I fear. I had been gorging myself on it so much that I finally decided to freeze the final third of it. And then just today I defrosted that bit and ate two GINORMOUS pieces of it. So.delicious. (I made mine with chocolate fudge frosting, yum!)

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