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  1. You are one lucky duck!! And she is GORGEOUS!!! Cara looks just like her mom… AND her sister!! I wonder who Meli will look like???

    (They haven’t changed the style of those hospital receiving blankets in years, have they?)

  2. I’ve been waiting for you to post your visit! How is Cara doing? That baby is such a love, and has so much love being thrown at her, lucky little thing. I’m envious! Of you, not the baby or having the baby. I’m over that. :)

  3. There she is – a 21st century woman! Just think – she won’t BELIEVE stories about before anyone having television sets because they weren’t available. She won’t believe there was ever a time when the only telephones were attached to cords running into the wall. “You mean, NO ONE had computers? ANYWHERE??” And…she won’t believe there was ever anything remarkable about a black man or a woman running for President – in fact, she might feel like running for President herself! (Tell her that, less than 100 years before she was born, neither women nor black men could even VOTE! Congratulations to YOU – *and* to her, for being born in this, one of the most exciting years to come down the pipes.

  4. My nephew is expected any day and my own son is due in July. I want some baby action!
    What a beauty Meli is. Ack! Going to cast on for a baby hat tonight!

  5. OH! You are lucky! Hope Cara is doing okay. Please tell her:

    1) I said hi, and the HEB wants to date Meli already
    2) I have developed her panic disorder. She will have no more panic attacks, because apparently I have stolen them.
    3) If she needs to talk Mommy stuff, to call or email me.

    And Ann, do you know if she ever got my gift that I sent to you? NOT a biggie. Thanks for marcheleven picture.

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