It’s been a busy week around here! I have been putting in extra hours at the shop, visiting brand new babies and knitting of course! Sadly, I have no pictures of the knitting. I do however have a picture that I find particularly thrilling.

isn’t that just a dishcloth?

While it may seen like a humble dishcloth, this dishcloth stands apart. This dishcloth was knit by one of the gals that made dishcloths cool again! It’s my good dishcloth. Even though I am using it and not framing it, I don’t put it through the same rigors as the others. This one will never clean up the spilled coffee grounds! It’s practically the church clothes of dishcloths!

other things that are thrilling …… I have recently been introduced to the particular pleasure that is In Treatment and the thrill that is Gabriel Byrne. sigh.

other pleasures? today is Margene’s birthday – go drop her a line!

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  1. I’m HBO-less, so will have to wait for In Treatment to be released on DVD… surely that will happen. At least we agree on Gabriel Byrne. ; )

    I love that you have a “good dishcloth.”

  2. Ah Gabriel Byrne. Sigh. I have been watching In Treatment too. Not sure how sound the “treatment” is but who the heck cares. Gabe could be my therapist any time.

    Nice dishcloth! ;-)

  3. Oh my – In Treatment!! Don’t you just feel guilty sitting in on other’s therapy sessions!! But in such a good and steamy way. And Gabriel……*slaps self to re-enter the real world*

  4. Oh In Treatment, isn’t it just addictive? and no words can describe the Gabriel.

    When I first saw it here and realised it is an adaptation of an Israeli series, I said to myself: but Assi Dayan (The Israeli original psychologist) can’t compare to Gabriel Byrne, I am so mean! I just returned from Israel and I must apologise to Mr. Dayan, he is really excellent and the whole Israeli series is a nice surprise too, so good!

  5. LOL at the Sunday Dishrag.

    Gabriel Byrne……..dark hair, Irish, played Jo’s boyfriend Mr. Behr (was that his name? Bayer? I know it sounded like bear) in the Little Women movie……what is not to like?! He’s nearly as cute as ME.

  6. I knitted up a bunch of these dishcloths (we call them mopinas around here!) and I use them regularly. They have great texture and really scrub up the kitchen counter gook nicely. So Ann, aren’t you proud of your little protoge, dishing out domestic tidbits?

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