consider yourself warned

would you like for me to share with you a very bad joke that is in very bad taste? This was told to me by my dearest crazy Cuban friend …….

[insert small pug interlude for readers to decide]

okay, you asked for it

Q. What’s the difference between the Governor of New York’s wife and his hooker?

A. One’s a Spitzer and one’s a Swallower.

12 thoughts on “consider yourself warned

  1. I have to agree with Vicki, I am shocked!

    And for what Rachel says, I had a whole post on that the other day that I deleted. All I can say is this: The only images the camera would be recording of me would be the ones where I am chucking everything he owns out the windows.

  2. Hasn’t the man been through enough? Must you poke fun? People do this everyday and it’s not talked about. It’s only because he’s in the public eye that it was. Let it go and let him be!

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