When I was in high school I got my first paying job. And by paying I mean taxes …. before that there was babysitting and a paper route. Something about having a check made me feel very grown up.

Anyway, back to my story …. it was a job at Gino’s. Gino’s was a local fast food chain. My two other friends also had jobs at competing fast food places – McD’s and PizzaHut. We often discussed which uniforms were the best of the bunch. Gino’s was okay – I seem to remember orange and brown and a little kerchief type head thingie.

I am all for self expression, but there is something compelling about a uniform. To not have to worry about what you’re going to wear. Can you imagine that type of freedom? None of those early morning choices to suck precious minutes from your day. No judgments about your own taste. You’re wearing your uniform. There is a certain amount of serenity there.

Well, would you just look at what is going on at Granny’s?! They’ve knitted up some uniforms! Kathleen’s sweater is almost finished – I think she still had a sleeve to go. Granny is wearing her owner/manager’s vest but she also has a matching sweater in pink – it was gracing a store mannequin when I took this picture.

6 thoughts on “uniforms!

  1. I can relate to that — the desire for a uniform. Maybe I’ve secretly envied the girls who went to Catholic school… their cute blue plaid pleated skirts, crisp white blouses.
    ; )

  2. Oh No! Uniforms – memories of an ugly green shirt and no jeans allowed (high school) or army (a bit later), no fond memories of uniforms around here :)

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