I saw this at Fricknits and knew it was meant to be. I had some Malabrigo and was in need of an easy take along project that would be good for a train ride. It was last Wednesday and I was going to visit Cara & Meli. It’s a great project – quick, easy and a stash buster too!

There is not much news around here. D#2 has a college decision to make. She has been accepted at three schools and waitlisted at two others. We will be going with her to two accepted students programs and then she will make up her mind. D#1 is coming home for the weekend – we have a family wedding to attend and she is flying in for the occasion.

Mr. Boar and I are gearing up for all kinds of home improvement projects – new garage doors (which will lead to some kind of painting project), new back door (and subsequent painting project), new deck flooring and a bottom of the pool painting. All a bunch of things that we have ignored for too long.

Right now things are in the planning/ordering/scheduling phase. I hate this phase. I think my favorite is the all finished phase.

just like dolores!

5 thoughts on “dolores!

  1. I am with you in liking the finished phase while my DH actually likes the process and will take his time finishing with tools and stuff around ..drives me nuts!

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