things I don’t understand

string theory. the mathematical kind


Vicki. what is up with Vicki? does anyone know what she quit??

quantum mechanics.

time travel.

10 thoughts on “things I don’t understand

  1. OMG. This is hilarious. I quit smoking once… make that twice, but only once that matters. ; )

    I quit a club that I’ve belonged to for years. It was supposed to be a part-social thing with one of my friends, but it never really was that and SHE quit going ages ago while I’ve just gone along… and along… and along for way too long. The membership of the group has changed some, especially in the past year, and I couldn’t stand it. I finally realized that I don’t have to dread going to this thing every month… if I just wipe it off my list! Ta-DAAAAA! Yeah, well, it took me nearly a year of agonizing to finally do it.

  2. Was somebody listening to Michio Kaku on the radio yesterday morning???

    Not that string theory isn’t a frequent blog topic but usually it includes a gauge reference…and Time Warp usually involves that step to the left….

  3. Thanks for clearing that up, Vicki.

    On the other stuff, I did part of a chemistry major, then graduated in Economics, so I’m fine with abstract concepts and only half understanding how something works. It makes life easier.

  4. You forced me to go over and look at her site to see what she quit.. (Sorry about her ear problems- I know from my own hearing situation- it is frustrating.) You’re a riot!! How do you come up with these ideas for posts?

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