good dogs?

Go here to see all the different things my dogs won’t do.

Be sure to end with ‘kisses’!

Are you wondering why there has been no knitting content lately? I have been knitting – but it’s one of those projects where progress pictures seem silly and boring. I am knitting up Saranac for Mr. Boar. As a matter of fact, I am almost done – I have only to kitchner the underarms and sew in the zipper, a quick blocking and I promise some pictures.

D#1 was home for the weekend to attend a close family friend’s wedding on Saturday. She normally drives back and forth to school, but for a quick trip like this long hours behind the wheel aren’t worth it. Well, she got caught in that airtravel fiasco on Friday and for a moment or two there it was looking like she wouldn’t make it home at all! After a seven hour delay her flight did take off. It was a whirlwind of a weekend and we had a great time. Luckily her trip back went smoothly!

[thanks to Pam for the cute puppy!]

4 thoughts on “good dogs?

  1. Very cute link. I have cats – purebred Ocicats. At one time they played fetch and actually brought the toy mice back. Now they only do the chase not the actual fetch bit. They are leash-trained, though.

    I have sometimes wondered if you conciously picked the most porcine-like breed in the dog world. Affectionate and adorable, but definitely wear the name Boar with ease.

  2. How on earth did you get lucky enough to have them sit long enough to be able to get a camera and get that great picture? Mine move as soon as I go to get a camera. They much think I am on food alert and probably are looking for a snack……..

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