Here are a few pictures from my trip to Lancaster County. We packed a ton of fun into a day and a half.

In addition to general Amish highlights & hilarity, there were a number of fiber related moments ….. we saw cows aplenty, but do you see that field of alpaca? We spotted them on one of our trips down the back roads – I wonder if there were others? We also made a point to go see the Quilt Museum in Bird-in-Hand. This is a must see if you are in or near the area. I also popped in to Labadie Looms where I drooled over some wheels and made a sock yarn purchase! That picture of the felted cat/mouse sculpture is from that shop.

I got home Friday evening from that trip and Saturday was back on the road with Boar & D#2 for a college day. I am happy to tell you that she has finally made up her mind and will be studying at Bard in the fall! You will be interested to know the school is just north of Rhinebeck – oh the convenience!

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  1. Congratulations on the choice of Bard. It’s a beautiful campus and I can totally understand why she’d opt to go there. Plus there’s a fantastic farmer’s stand just down the road during the warmer months. (My college roommate lives in Red Hook.)

  2. Isn’t it a relief to have that decision made? My DH just decided on Westmont College (Santa Barbara area) three days ago – nothing like waiting until the last minute! Looks like both our girls chose small, interesting, beautiful campuses. We can go on a yarn diet together for the next four years!
    And I love Amish country – especially Zook’s General Store in Intercourse, where there is another great quilt museum. You’ll have to go there next time!

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