My plan was to not post pictures until both of these projects were totally finished. For some reason, I was feeling a photographic ennui. It has become clear however that in order to keep Ye Olde Blogge rolling along, I need some project photos!

The sweater is a Saranac for Mr. Boar. It is completely finished (woven ends and everything!) except for sewing in the zipper. Now that spring time has come to Long Island, my motivation for finishing this has waned — I will get that zipper in by fall though. I swear! Actually, the zipper is one of the reasons I chose this project. I had some stash yarn that I wanted to get off my conscience, I also wanted an easy project but one that would add something to my knitting repertoire and since I have never sewn in a zipper, Saranac was perfect!

The socks are the Hedera sock pattern. I changed it up a bit by using a picot edge, which was another first for me. These socks were the perfect take along project for my many road trips last week. I am using Fearless Fingers yarn. Rachel sent it to me a while ago and I am loving it!

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  1. Although Boar is totally spoiled at this point, he does have a great flair for wearing knits which must be exploited. Remember that cool waver-y argyle golf vest from an old Knitty? –Boar could WORK that thing.

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