a FO!

pattern: Cottage Creations Babies & Bears
yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease
mods: collar rather than hood

I know this picture is a bit blurry, but without the flash the color of the yarn comes through. I have been wanting to knit this project ever since my friend Flair knit one up. The construction is interesting – knit from each sleeve toward the center line and then kitchenered up the back! I have also been attempting to knit from my stash and I have lots of Cotton Ease, so there could be a few more of these in my knitting future. When in between big projects, my grandmother often knit up a baby something-or-other to have on hand for gift giving and I think that is a good idea. It is also a great way to knit from the stash!

You may notice in the button close up that I put in five button holes, but I am only using three — I need to sew up the other two. The puppy buttons were perfect, but five was overkill.

Did you all have a nice Mother’s Day? Mr. Boar and I went plant/yard shopping and bought ourselves a new gardening toy. A gas powered edging tool that will take attachments! So we bought ourselves the rototilling attachment and also the weed whacking attachment. OMG I am in love with that rototiller! That thing has made mincemeat of some back-breaking labor — I got all of my veggie beds turned over and also extended a garden that has been on my mind. Yay for power equipment for Mother’s Day! (I also got a plant and some chocolates from the Ds).

6 thoughts on “a FO!

  1. Veru cute sweater! We use tons of Cotton Ease here. I actually finished something myself with it. Nothing like power tools that we can run ;-)

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