Elisa Tote

pattern: Elisa Tote

yarn: Katia Linen

Today is shaping up to be busy busy. First off, Cara & Meli are possibly coming out to visit!! And I know she’s on the breast etc. but I feel like I should go grocery shopping. I mean, Cara has to eat, right?

Secondly, I definitely have to clean. Vacuum at the very least.

Thirdly, Gardener’s Supply has just delivered the asparagus crowns I ordered. I am feeling somewhat garden-y this year and decided to take the plunge and do some double digging ( I suppose I should figure out what the hell that means) It is a glorious day in a week full of rain and I will be working tomorrow. I really need to get those in the ground – today. Which means this morning!

ciao babies!

5 thoughts on “Elisa Tote

  1. The Tote is gorgeous! All the best with your garden! I’ll think of you as Ann of green tables this summer. I feel gardeny too, but it’s bad year for that. We’re not expecting much rain any time soon, so that should make it flood. Take pictures please!

  2. I really like that purse. I think that would make a perfect birthday gift for my mother. You’ve got me quite inspired with that.

    I’m a bit skeered of the handle portion. Difficult?

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