Norah Gaughan … evil genius?

Did you know that I have become a complete Ravelry addict?  I am constantly checking the new patterns page with the full knowledge that there is not enough time to knit all of this stuff.  But still I check, and check and recheck …..

And now I am beginning to think that Norah Gaughan may be trying to kill me.  Have you seen all of her recently posted fabulous patterns?!

4 thoughts on “Norah Gaughan … evil genius?

  1. I was just wondering the same thing. Is she bored? Did she just figure out Ravelry? But I think your explanation is better, she’s trying to kill us.

  2. Misery loves company, is that it? You don’t have enough time to knit it all, so you want us to feel the same way? Guess what…it works. Going off to Ravelry right now to look. Sigh.

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