The Great Deck Project 2008

Where the hell have I been? Playing assistant to Mr. Boar as he refurbishes our deck.

Mr. Boar loves to build decks. This was the first house project we did when we moved into this house. (before the desperately needed kitchen as a matter of fact – no, I’m not bitter) When he suggested that we needed to redo the flooring on the deck, my first reaction was “What?? It’s practically new!”

The truth of the matter is we have been in this house for 15 years and many of the original boards were rotted. This time around we are using composite decking. I was very very resistant to this idea at first, fearing that it would look totally fake and I would be living in some kind of Little Tykes nightmare, but the whole No Maintenance thing is very seductive. As was the lifetime guarantee.

So this is where I have been. Boar has taken two weeks off of work and we have been diligently working away. The deck is huge – roughly 1700 sq. ft. and we are more than halfway through! The end is in sight!

Speaking of sights …… it’s not all drudgery around here …….

is there anything sexier than a Boar in a toolbelt?

17 thoughts on “The Great Deck Project 2008

  1. Your deck, tool man Boar and the pugs look wonderful! What a huge task you two are doing! With the new stuff you wont have to do it again We are only staining decks at our house and have been working last 2 days. My body hurts like hell but the deck looks so much better.

  2. Are you saying I should bring my work clothes when I come to NY this week? I thought that, by moving to Florida, I could escape “the next big deck project”. My back still hurts from the first big deck project. Timing is everything isn’t it? Looking forward to seeing you guys.

  3. The floor of our deck is that plastic/wood combo stuff. Sweet. I love it more every time I have to restain the top surface of the railing, which is cedar.

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