D#1 was showing us some of her mad bartending skillz last night. I had a Godmother and Boar sipped (gulped, really) a Godfather. She was talking about all the different drinks and why they are in different glasses and was full of details and I just had to say, “You’ve learned this all in three nights?” Seriously, the way she was going on and on it was a freakin’ dissertation. I can’t decide if it sounds like she has been pouring drinks for years or working in the glassware department of Crate & Barrel. Well, I know for a fact that she has never worked in the glassware department of Crate & Barrel …….

Onto fiber related things ….. I am still questing for my knitting mojo and biding my time knitting dishcloths. I keep giving them away, so I have only increased my own dishcloth pile by one. It’s the loneliest number.

During this lull in my knitting mojo, I have been trying to do a good deed for a non knitting friend. Years and years ago before I knew her, this non knitting friend hired a young woman to knit her a Rowan cabled cardigan. She had almost completed the project but had many health problems and is not able to finish. Since I am without any mojo, I told my NKF that I would take it on. The problem I have discovered is there will not be enough yarn to finish. And naturally this yarn has been discontinued.

So if you, or any of your knitting friends who don’t happen to read my site (what??!!!) are sitting on a few skeins of Rowan Magpie color #608 I would love to talk to you!

and finally, one last pic of Mr. Boar tipping his new favorite child …..

one whole dollar ….
Mr. Boar is a bit thrifty, no?

14 thoughts on “cheers!

  1. The only person I know who has a stash of Magpie is Terry. If the needed color is blue you’d be in luck. You might try Ebay. That’s where she bought most of hers, I believe.

  2. Every father’s dream – a child working in a bar. My brother worked at a Chi-Chis near my apartment when I was single and in my 30s. Now that was sweet!!!

  3. She should frame it if it’s her first tip. C’mon dad, a fiver wouldn’t kill ya! You got the drink at cost!

    On the serious matter of the Magpie, what color is 608? I have a sweater’s worth of red and a hank or maybe too of a bright green; I’ll check the shade numbers over the weekend if they are possible matches.

    Let me know the color and I’ll put the word on the Rowan Forum. Lots of people have stashed Magpie because it was so beloved.
    Polly might well have it or find it for you!

    xo Kay

  4. Kay did ask on the Rowan forum about this yarn and I did reply but haven’t heard back from her. I do have six skeins of this yarn in the right colour and you would be welcome to it if ou haven’t found it closer to home. I am in Australia but don’t mind mailing it to you. It would be rather nice to know if you want it or not.

  5. Hello ~ in the blog above you mentioned wanting some Rowan Yarn Magpie ~ col 608! Did you have any luck sourcing this as I am desperate to get my hands on 1 skein to enable me to finish an aran sweater that I started knitting over 20 years ago!!! Not really a slow knitter!! I think I am going to run out just before completion and feel so sad that this garment has travelled with me for over twenty years of my life and it may remain incomplete! Or horror of horrors I will have to unpick it and start again in a smaller size!!

    Please help this desperate knitter as this project means a lot to me.

    Thank you ~ Daphne :-)

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