Happy 4th!

How about a quick update?

  • This photo was taken on Wednesday. Flair, Nancy and I went to the beach. I did a bit of knitting, got pummeled by some waves (actually knocked down and rolled around in the surf – how’s that for a visual?) and then they cleared the beach because of incoming electrical storms. But it was a fun day and I made my usual vow to come to the beach more often!
  • I believe I have failed to mention that D#1 is going to bartending school this summer. A few weeks ago she said she had a great gift idea for her 21st birthday, that she hoped I would hear her out, that it is the kind of job where she could have another job. She had her defenses all lined up, clearly expecting some kind of argument from me. I said, “Make me a gin and tonic”. She didn’t know how and had to be shown. what?! I thought college was supposed to be a bartending head start program! what’s the matter with kids these days?
    It starts next week and runs for two weeks. One thing I find tremendously funny – she keeps referring to it as the academy. I realize that they call themselves the academy, but really do we all need to follow along? I stay quiet and just give myself knowing looks in any available mirror.
  • We are throwing a graduation party/bbq for D#2 tomorrow afternoon. The weather reports are looking ominous. fingers crossed! Today will be spent getting ready – chopping celery and onions for various mayonnaise laden salads!
  • I have decided to not fight my lack of knitting mojo. I am waiting it out and knitting dishcloths. I get an inordinate amount of pleasure from the colors of kitchen cotton. For instance, this one makes me want a lemon water ice!

12 thoughts on “Happy 4th!

  1. Happy 4th of July to you and your family!
    Good luck with the party tomorrow and thank you for the laughs. The academy is like all those RV Resorts we see all over Arizona these days :)

  2. My D#1 is bartending at Applebees in Lindenhurst. She has worked her way thru the ranks of employment and they did on-the-job training. hey make some serious money but needed to warn her that her college career path should still be in plain sight! So glad to hear you will be christening the new deck with a party. I will cross my fingers for you. Today didn’t turn of half bad so…………anything is possible. Enjoy!

  3. Funny, I got my knitting mojo back with a pink and brown dishcloth yesterday. Most of my projects are too big to finish any time soon so I cast on for an easy one instead.

    Bartending Academy . . . what a great idea! She should come out with a line of collegiate wear to go along with it.

  4. Back when I was interviewing for an accounting internship, a speaker at one of the preparatory sessions told us that having been a bartender was the very best thing that could be one one’s resume.

    Who knew?

  5. Send her over to make ME a G & T!

    Love that story. She was all loaded for bear, for nothing! I will have to try that sometime.

    xo Kay

  6. I know a few people who still use their bartending skills to pick up extra work when they need it years after college, mostly with caterers. And the people skills you learn from dealing with drunks in various social situations is invaluable.

    I’m still knitting very basic scarves, slowly. About as slowly as life is getting back to where it will let me do more.

  7. Whew, girl, you really gave me a start there with that beach picture! While I do see a tiny triangle of the Duchess’s head in the lower left-hand corner, i am MUCH relieved that you’ve pointed the camera away, rather than towards us!

  8. good luck with your party . We just had a big one here on sat and I am still cleaning up. We had to hire a girl to be a bartender for the wedding here 8/16. She will get a nice chunk of $ and not have to claim it!

  9. The beach I’m so jealous. My eldest son went to The Bartender Academy too, that was about 2 years ago, he still has’nt worked as a bartender!!!! ( I did make him pay for the class too). Love the dishcloths

  10. “I said, “Make me a gin and tonic”. She didn’t know how and had to be shown. what?! I thought college was supposed to be a bartending head start program! what’s the matter with kids these days?”

    You crack me UP! (laughing)

    I want to get to the beach at some point this summer. Right now the weekends are involved with one of the two of us feeling a bit worn out, and some minimal apartment tidying. *sigh*

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