The biggest news from Chez Swine is that D#2 is off on her college adventure. I am both sad and thrilled.  You can see in two of the pictures how packed the car was and also that she forgot her ‘blankey’ and had to run back into the house for it!

We moved her in on Saturday — everything went smoothly except for my uterus deciding to have a peri-menopausal tsunami of a period … is that tmi?  Shall we pause for an Oprah moment and discuss the body/soul connection and how isn’t it ironic that as my nest empties so does my girly parts?  and then shall we hug and look under our seats to find fabulous prizes??

Okay, back to the story.  D#2 has a good size room and her roommate seems really nice. She started class on Monday.  Her school has an extensive freshman course (3 weeks) so that is why they start so early.  It is a literature and writing class and it is right up her alley.   With the exception of one weepy moment, all reports from her have been great.

When we got back from that trip it was a quick clean the house and then my company arrived!!! YAY for girlfriends providing diversions! I got to meet two of Vicki’s daughters – and it’s absolutely true, they are wonderful so our Vicki must be doing something right. Cara and Meli were her too and that little Meli gets cuter everytime I see her. Unfortunately neither of them

  1. left a daughter behind for me and
  2. I took not a single picture.

We had a SnB on Monday night with Flair, Ricki, Peggy and Kathleen.  We were so busy laughing that I am not sure if any knitting got done.  Someday I will post a video of Flair doing her best Tom Carvel impression.  The rest of the visit was spent relaxing with our knitting, watching the Olympics and gabbing.  I happen to be a gabber of Olympic proportion.

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  1. I looked under my chair and there was no gift, I feel cheated:P

    I am very jealous of all the knitterly together time you have been spending with others.

  2. I’m so sad that we don’t have any Carvel’s around here — every time we saw one on Tuesday, and even yesterday at the airport, we all had a little giggle a la Flair. That was a fun night. We had a great little get-away all around.

    So fun. Do you think it would get boring if a person could spend all their days jetting around, visiting and knitting with friends? If anyone ever wants to do a study, I’m available…

  3. Just had a Fudgy the Whale flashback!

    You killed me with the Oprah moment. I’m looking under my seat.

    I do not get the “pause” part of the perimenopause. TMI?

    GLAD YOU’RE BACK!!!!!! YAY D#2!!!!

  4. This 4 years will zip by…seems like mine just left for college …now D is getting married this Sat..another big step ! and this week my son told me I am going to be a grandma April 4th…now need baby patterns Yikes what an emotional week..

  5. Ohh, what fabulous prize will be under the seat today?!?? More quiet in the house? I know you’re loving it :) Congrats on a smooth move, she’ll be home to visit before you know it.

  6. Does this mean there are zero Ds left at home? The rest of life will slosh in and fill any voids. Plus, e-mails and text messages and phone calls will help smooth the passage.

    When I was told I needed to have a hysterectomy (an hysterectomy?) all I could think was, Yay! No more periods! Never having to worry about the unexpected red flood that can happen *after* menopause! Yay!

  7. It must feel so strange at your house right now. I’m glad your daughter is adjusting well and I’m sure you will in no time. It’s good that you had such a fun diversion right away.

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