a little spinning?

Although the needles have not been flying, the wheel has been going round and round! I even brought the Lendrum out on the deck for a bit of alfresco spinning.

Once again I find myself making vows … vows to spin more, to keep track of what the hell is on the wheel and to simply try to stick with it and pay attention.  Toward this end I even started a spinning notebook – hopefully writing everything down will help to keep track of the details.  Wish me luck!

First up is some Blue Faced Leicester that was bought at Rhinebeck 2007. I decided to leave this as singles to maxamize yardage, with the idea of knitting a lacy shawl.  Although I have knit with my handspun, I have not yet managed a significant project.

Next is some SW Merino that was given to me by Christine of Now and Zen. Christine is in my Spinning Guild and has a wonderful yarn shop on the east end in Greenport. I need to ask her what the SW stands for. This fiber spun like a dream. Really lovely to work with.   I ended up with 96 yards because I Navajo plyed it — in retrospect, I wonder if I should have simply done a two ply to have more yardage. Anyway, I have a few hat or scarf patterns in my Ravelry favorites that would look great knit up with this.

I am sure some of you are wondering what became of the yarn that was in my freezer …… the project did two days in the freezer, one day defrosting and another 24 hours back in and there are NO SIGNS of LIFE! I am beginning to think that perhaps it wasn’t the yarn at all and simply the holes in my window screens. Now I have to get to knitting it to give this story a truly happy ending!

4 thoughts on “a little spinning?

  1. SUPERWASH! How dumb are we?! DUH.

    The yarn looks great though. And I hope there aren’t anymore bugs in your house. Your client doesn’t really like bugs. Just sayin’.

  2. I was just thinking about pulling my Lendrum out of the closet as I am cleaning out the yarn room today. damn….Just too many projects started and not enough time..Now I am going to be a grandma need to concentrate on finding washable baby stuff!( My son does the wash and dont trust him with wool- or his wife either) so no spiinning unless it is SW !

  3. Calling purlingswine, calling purlingswine. Purlinswine, where are you? Seeing I haven’t picked up any projects in MONTHS….I don’t really need your expertise, but I miss you!

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