Can I just say that it has been so freaking long since I’ve posted that my browser bar did not “recognize” my domain name and I had to type the whole thing in?!  I suppose I should be thankful that my site isn’t covered in dust and spider webs.

The best way for me to get back into the blogging groove is to go with a list format.  I am feeling short and to the point these days with no time for lots of adjectives and exclamation points.

Let’s see, since I have been here last the following things have been going on ….

  • I had a fun filled slumber party with Cara & Kay.  Highlights include a hard fought scrabble game chock full of belly aching and laughs (can you guess who was doing the belly aching?? hint: not me and not Kay), a trip to a quilt show and the final perfect thing?  deep fried tater tots!! It was a lovely visit and Kay is the Perfect Hostess.
  • I had a fibery get-together in my own back yard.  Kathleen, Cara, Peggy, Nancy, Chante, Maribel and their wonderful families all came over for a bbq.  We had a great time eating, playing bocce and spinning while the kids and husbands enjoyed the pool and hammock.  The weather was perfect and it was a great day.
  • I have been on two yarn shop crawls in Brooklyn.  On top of finding some great yarn shops, I was directed to a fantastic place to eat — Ferdinando’s.  For this place I will certainly work up some exlamatory energy.  OMG!!!!!!!!!  you simply must go there if you are ever in the area.  Plus those yarn shops are great too!
  • my knitting such as it is has been not very exciting at all.  I am working on some socks which are lovely, but I cannot seem to get worked up over.  I just completed a sample piece for the shop and I need to put my nose to the grindstone for that Magpie sweater.  I also need to get something on the needles for a baby shower gift.  But honestly I am feeling very bleh about all of it.  After I post here I am headed over to Ravelry, all things knitting can be found over there.
  • Mr. Boar is still hard at work on the deck.  If the weather cooperates this weekend he may be putting the finishing touches on the project by building a new table.  It really has come out beautifully.
  • I am beginning a few house projects of my own and first on the list is painting D#1’s room.  I plan on prepping things in there today and hope to have a brush in my hand on Friday.
  • just this morning Virginia told me about a new knitting site — Popknits!  check it out, it looks great!

ps.  for someone who claims to be all meh. I seem to have used the word great a lot.  I am a riddle rapped in a mystery.  or a shrimp wrapped in bacon.

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  1. A riddle wrapped in a mystery, rolled in an enigma, that’s you or a cocktail frank wrapped in a crescent roll;)

    I guess I should blog now since you’ve linked to me right?

  2. Well, I missed you too, even ‘tho you make no mention of the fact that our Brooklyn Yarn Crawl was made together complete with songs about gnomes being composed as we strolled off the Pasta con Sarde…

  3. i missed you too- kept checking and was happy to read your new post. You are so funny. Hope the kids are ok at college. It sounds like you have adjusted just fine to the empty nest by keeping busy..

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