hide and seek

This picture was taken standing in the foyer looking into the bedroom hallway of the house.

What I want to show you is the piece hanging there above the bookcase. I don’t even know what to call it. Maybe wooden scary thing?

I bought it years ago at a local art show – the two figures in it are balanced and when nudged, they rock back and forth. It actually took a wee bit of timing to get them both popping their heads out at the same time for the picture below.

I was supposed to be doing some Christmas shopping when I saw it.  I fell in love  instantly and broke my piggy bank to buy it.  I also called Mr. Boar and brokered a deal where it was a Christmas/birthday combo present.

I like to hear what other people have to say about wooden scary thing – most don’t like it at all (it’s too dark, it’s too creepy, it’s too big) or if they do, they don’t feel as passionately about it as I do – except one.  And I’m sure you can guess who it is!

7 thoughts on “hide and seek

  1. Sorry but it creeps me out. I may not count because I’m a big scaredy cat. Those big headed dolls with the big weird looking eyes creep me out also. (and so do smurfs)

  2. WONDERFUL! It’s absolutely delicious…..do you know anything of the provenance of it? Is it old, or a piece by an artist (I’d love to know the imagination which brought it about, if that’s the case). It’s unique, wonderful – may you enjoy it long and well!

  3. My kids would be traumatized for life if we had something like this on the wall. When dismantling their grandmother’s apartment they were begging us not to take the “scary picture”. It IS scary; one cousin had to have it covered when she visited.

    Yours reminds me of a Terry Gilliam movie! Or that movie they made of Lemony Snicket? You would love that one, from an art direction point of view at least.

    Anyway I like it. You’ve got guts, girl.

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