I’ve got nothing

absolutely nothing to blog about.

Knitting. Can’t blog about the knitting since I am testing a pattern and it’s hush hush until it’s off the needles. Also with Raverly going strong, even if I could blog about it, it seems redundant. But rest assured I am still knitting. Oh, I just thought of something to tell you ….. do you remember the project, from hell as it turned out? The last you heard, it had entered the deep freeze to get rid of suspected bugs. I am still not sure if it ever did have bugs, since the pugs have made swiss cheese of the screens in my den windows. 

Well I finally finished that godforsaken thing and it was delivered to the recipient this weekend. I am not sure if this detail ever made it into the saga, but in the intervening years, the woman it was knit for had stomach banding surgery so the end result is WAY too big!  As many things go with me, that story started out so beautifully all goodness and generosity and ended with  vitriol and judgments.   Knitting friends have assured me that I have gained some good karma in finishing that project, I am not so sure.  Didn’t the amount of bitching I did take away at least some, if not all of the happy goodness?  With knitting is it only a question of whether you finish or does ‘how you play the game’ come into it?

look at that, I did have something to tell you!

Getting back to the things I cannot blog about.  I cannot tell you that both D#1 and D#2 are in the middle of romantic love stories at school. Yes, they are both head over heels and hearing about one of them I actually said the words, ‘I am not this cool’.  But I cannot tell you.  unless you call me on the phone.

I have been working full time at the knitting store for the past few weeks.  The owner’s mother had some surgery and I have been filling in hours.  I have some good stories about some nutty customers, one even  starts out  ‘there was this old lady with a black eye’ ….. but I cannot tell you.  Again, unless you call.

gotta run, the phone is ringing ……

8 thoughts on “I’ve got nothing

  1. Knit bitching in no way reduces the good karma – it counts as tension relief. Knit picking on the other hand… hehehe…

    Sounds like you’ve got a whole lot going on!

  2. Isn’t it amazing the way stuff pours out of the keyboard when we think we have nothin’? I’d love to hear all about the romantic adventures (if they are not MY children, no details are too gory) and the lady with the black eye, but alas, I don’t have your phone number. Probably just as well…

  3. ok, don’t die, I spoke to the lucky recepient of that horrific sweater last night, and as a result of my felted hat, she’s thinking of throwing the sweater into the washing machine!
    I’m thinking “the garbage disposal”, but I kept my mouth shut…!

  4. You always make me laugh whenever I read your posts. I agree with the earlier comment “your nothing posts are better than others something”. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  5. Congratulations! I’m horified at how knitters in USA seem often to “just throw things in the washer” to shrink them. First time I read that method on Ravelry it gave me goosebumps!

    Next time you see a knitter in trouble similar to the project from hell …. turn away.

    All things aside, I’m pleased to have been able to assist in getting this thing finished and out of your house.

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