Dear Blog,

Could I get any lazier? I am typing this entry from my comfy chair in the den and surfing the internet on my TV. That’s right … my television.

Mr. Boar has worked some magic and has somehow hooked up the internet to the new television and bought me a wireless mouse and keyboard. This is complete, wireless decadence. I have been surfing the web all afternoon. I am so enthralled I even read my spam emails.

If I hooked up a catheter, I would never leave this chair.

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  1. If the television has a nifty screen-in-screen thing you could surf and watch a movie all at the same time, right? You may want to lay off the liquid refreshment until the special chair comes along…..

  2. How do things look on the TV? Blog things? Just curious. And can you watch TV at the same time? And record the things that you’re not watching because you’re watching something else and also surfing and you don’t wanna miss nothin’!?!?!?

    P.S. Your Christmas card order has been received.
    ; )

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