Love can ……..

damage your health, move mountains, build a bridge, break your heart, falter overnight, cannot mend an imperfect heart, be an addiction.

These are the Google search results for Love Can. I am surprised that so many negative ones came up on the first page – would have expected more bubble gum pop lyrics in the mix.

The point however is another one needs to be added. Love can …. inspire D#2 to pick up the needles!!! Here is a picture of her Thorpe hat knit for Boyfriend.

I taught both girls to knit when they were around five years old. And they both managed to churn out the occasional blanket for Barbie. D#2 flitted around the idea of whipping up some scarves for friends while she was in middle school, but nothing ever came of it.

Well, I am pleased to see that it really is like riding a bike —- check out the evenness of her stitches! Yes, I did help, but only a bit — I will take credit for the initial cast on and a few of the increases and also the entire crochet edge….. but other than that, it’s all D#2!  is it premature to say that a Knitter is Born?  should I send out announcements?

maybe I can get her to join Ravelry …….

and isn’t Boyfriend a cutie?

I think he needs another hat.

10 thoughts on “Love can ……..

  1. A scarf! he certainly needs a scarf! And he is certainly cute!

    My SD came home from college and told me her boyfriend wants her to knit him a sweater so she explained to him the curse thingie,,, now she is trying to find a way around it,,,
    She still didn’t finish her first sweater (it is on the needles for some 18 months or so but who’s counting?) She loves to start things.

  2. D#2’s boyfriend makes for a cute model. The hat turned out great. Now to see D#1’s boyfriend in a hat knit by D#1. Or is that pushing it too far????

  3. Love hurts, love scars, love wounds, love mars…uh, um, anyway
    He is adorable! And quite fortunate to have D#2 as a mate-the handknits are value added!

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