Ann’s Helpful Tips for Tidy Living ….

when the oil delivery company screws up and doesn’t deliver the oil and when you no longer have heat or hot water in the house, and when the temperature inside is 52 degrees and you need to get clean before you go to work, simply fill four of your biggest pots with water and bring them to a boil on the stovetop. Carefully carry them into the bathroom and pour them into the tub. Add enough freezing cold water until the temperature is tolerable. This should be enough water for a bit of a quickie bath.  Move quickly and don’t linger.

***Do not remove your bathrobe until the water temperature is just right.

9 thoughts on “Ann’s Helpful Tips for Tidy Living ….

  1. I had to do that at a student residence I was staying at once while visiting a professor. However, this fancy-pants residence had the kitchen on one floor, and the bathroom on the floor above… so I had to carry pots of boiling water up the stairs!!! I did this for as many trips as I dared, paranoid the whole time that I would trip and spill boiling water all over myself!!! (And the pots provided in the kitchen were nowhere near big!) Brrrr!

  2. I am freezing just thinking about it. I remember when I moved into this house 15 years ago, my husband was out of state. It was freezing, I did’nt know that you were suppose to set the thermostat to have heat (growing up in Ireland we either had radiators or fires) so I had no heat for a week. My husband could not believe I did/nt know how to turn it on. I at least though had hot water. Happy New Year

  3. When it is too cold even for that, you can resort to what we do in lieu of showers when we are camping in a primitive campground: acne pads do a decent job of cleaning and sanitizing the stinky parts of the body.

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