“and now I’m getting squishes”

Yesterday was my turn to host knit day. As it happens sometimes knit day is more about the food than the knits. I scored a hit when I served up these sugared cranberriesKathleen, who always teases me about my Costco cheesecake tricks, was especially enthralled.

8 thoughts on ““and now I’m getting squishes”

  1. Cam is telling all his friends I am on utube! :) I just made him close his ears when the “f” word came on. too funny. those things were awesome though. and awesomely fun!

  2. I for one am thoroughly appalled at seeing this woman stuff her face with sugared cranberries, blurt out profanities, and then wink suggestively at the camera.

    You knitting people are a bad influence on this once innocent lass. And the fact that this type of behavior is now on the worldwide interweb thing for all to see, oh the humanity!

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