More of D#2’s knitting. Here is a scarf that she worked on (and finished!) over her winter break. The pattern is a freebie from Classic Elite, Sinful Rib Scarf and the yarn is odds and ends from the stash. This is a great pattern – easily memorized and reversible! D#2 knit this up with little to no interference from me – she even managed to fix many of her mistakes without any help. She’s a natural!

Sadly, she did not pack any knitting to take back with her for the spring semester!! What’s up with that? She informed me that if she had any free time, she thinks she should spend it reading sure. I get it. ~reading~

(maybe I will send her a Valentine’s Day care package – no chocolate, only brown yarn!)

8 thoughts on “

  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day on Saturday.

    When’s #2 going to start her resurect The Dark Side of the Moon as a knitting blog?

  2. Did you have a great birthday??? Happy! Happy!!

    FYI: STC makes Bamboo in a color called “milk chocolate” or “hot chocolate” — something “chocolate”!

  3. Talent runs in the family. Love it and might attempt it myself. Happy belated!! Have been lost for a while, but now I have found my way back home.

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