bad girl, talkin’ bout bad girls

Here is a little reminder that D#2 is not the only knitter around Chez Swine. The Gauntlets of Regret! Very cool and sort of naughty. I whipped up two pairs of these, all from one skein of Cascade 220 Superwash. One pair for each of the daughters. Who also happen to be very cool and sort of naughty.

My only regret about this project? That I didn’t think to take a picture until no one was home and I had to do it one-handed!

5 thoughts on “bad girl, talkin’ bout bad girls

  1. are these supposed to be fingerless gloves? i have never understood the concept….unless you have a job where you need the use of your fingers why expose your fingers to the cold?they wouldn’t work up here in rochester. i often wear gloves AND mittens over the gloves it is so cold

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