Last night I achieved one of my all time preteen goals. So the 11 year old me can rest easy, the triumvirate is mine – I have indeed french kissed a boy, gotten my period and the final jewel in the crown? I have done a split. All of those afternoons of practicing gymnastics with the Santangelo girls from down the street (they actually had a gymnastics mat!) have finally paid off.

Yes, last night at midnight I decided that my front walk could use one final clean sweep of snow from the day’s storm. “Just get that done before you go to bed and that way it won’t be icy”, I thought.

My dears, it was already icy. There I was with my left leg sliding out in front and away from the rest of me. I couldn’t stop it. I was like Nadia Comaneci minus the pony tail and the grace and the supple teenage body.

It hurts! Luckily I can walk and get up and down the stairs, but certain things are making me wince. Like sitting in this chair. Hope my knitting chair will be okay.

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  1. Oh, Ann! You seem a bit accident prone these days – maybe we should just wrap you up in wool and tuck you away somewhere nice and safe! I did the splits once but it was on purpose. And there were no repercussions. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hope you’re okay. I took a slide on ice too, last week. Landed on my one knee. I wasn’t even proposing to anyone! It still hurts. So, I send you plenty of sympathy, my friend. Hope you heal quickly.

  3. You know, I was just thinking. I am not the most prolific commenter. I read the blogs and think of things to say and then move on. So why did I comment to this post? I wonder. But I know just what prompted me.


    Right into my inner thighs, I feel the tearing muscles and the difficulty with the stairs. Ouch! Ice: twenty minutes at a time. Motrin.

    Hurt yourself more often and I’ll comment more. Heh.

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