ann’s state of the union

or how my crotch is on the mend …..

thank you for all your get better wishes. My leg is feeling much better. Because reading blogs is all about the too-much-info factor, I will tell you that the injury was not to my ‘hoo-ha’ but to the hamstring of my left leg. I iced it and then remembered that years ago I had bought this massager thing at Costco (quit it you dirty, dirty girls!) and got that out and now things are feeling much better. It’s more of an overuse pain as opposed to the muscle ripped from the bone thing that had been going on.

It is my turn to host our knit-day today. I have a big pot of cream of chicken soup on the stove – it’s a new pressure cooker recipe and I will let you know how it turns out.

Knitting? you want to know about the knitting?? I am hard at work on Amelia – getting very close to the underarm.

When I come back I promise:

  • pictures
  • to tell you about my new wheel

3 thoughts on “ann’s state of the union

  1. Hoo-hah, I think that’s the latin term.
    another wheel??? congratulations.
    wishing you a speedy recovery, it’s been a tough 2010

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