my secret Jensen

I am ashamed to say that I got this wheel back in November and failed to blog about it. When I first got it, life was busy and I didn’t mention it. Then I was blogging sporadically. Then taking a picture seemed insurmountable. The longer I didn’t mention it, the harder bringing it up seemed to be! Suddenly, I couldn’t make eye contact with my blog – we were keeping secrets from each other. ridiculous.

Well, here it is – my new Jensen!! I am deeply in love with this wheel. I love the way it looks, and of course the way it spins. There is something about the double drive that offers more control over the spinning. It seems lighter and faster. I was trying to describe it to Boar and told him it was the difference between driving a stick shift and an automatic. For my birthday, Boar and the girls got me three extra bobbins and a lazy Kate to go with it.

I have been spinning exclusively on the Jensen and was considering selling my Lendrum. For the moment, I have decided to hang onto it. The Lendrum is a great wheel and is portable where the Jensen is not.

In other news, I had a mild case of spring fever yesterday – the temps around here were approaching 60! I got out the ladder and cleaned the windows and then managed to give the cars a quick wash. It feels good to get rid of the grime!  Today we are back to a more seasonable temperature – which is good because I couldn’t take anymore cleaning!

9 thoughts on “my secret Jensen

  1. It’s so pretty!! I’ll have to ask you to take a look at my mom’s wheels when you’re here to see whether they’re functioning and/or complete.

    We had a great weekend, but not QUITE so warm — which might be why I wasn’t quite as ambitious as you. Yeah. That’s it…

  2. It’s kind of like you had a kid, or an affair, and didn’t mention it.

    Deeply hurt. Congratulations. I got excited when you said you were going to sell….I thought you were going to say “my handspun”. THAT would be exciting news. Just saying. Good news about your crotch, also, although I think you were tempting fate to wash windows, Nadia.

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